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As a certified personal trainers, we offer a variety of services in order to help anyone, whether in our city, out of state, injured or a top athlete. Martin and Bailee are more than confident they can provide the best possible care in many fashions and are constantly educating themselves in order to do so!

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One on one training is never a bad option! It is perfect for anyone no matter the goal. One on one provides the trainer to give all of their attention to the client for technique and motivation. For those who do not enjoy working out around lots of people, this is the ideal option!


Group training allows friend or family to train together! This is a great option for anyone who loves to workout with a particular friend/family member and want a trainer in the process to push them! Group settings are a ton of fun.


If you are someone who enjoys working out alone or already has a routine but needs extra guidance, structure, motivation and professional advice, but don't want to meet directly with a trainer, THIS IS FOR YOU! This is also a great option if you are not in our area but still would like our services. We provide the structure or your workout along with videos to match! Zoom meetings face to face are also available with this!


Virtual Training differs a bit from online training in that it is over Zoom or Facetime. This can be done for those who want the trainer still present but may live too far. This option is great for those who still need guidance on form and motivation!!!


Are you a food lover who can't find a healthy routine to stick with? The good news is, you are not alone!!
I have been there myself, believing I must give up all the foods I love in order to have "healthier" eating habits. As a personal trainer and certified nutrition coach, I have developed a program that can help you create lifelong healthy eating habits while also enjoying the food you love.

Join Optimize Fit TODAY if you are ready for a better YOU.

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